Comparison Problems for Pumpkins

Heart Puzzle
What should students know about mathematical comparison? In this article, you'll learn about the progression across grades K-8, get tips for teaching ways to compare, and learn to incorporate algebraic thinking. Since most students are familiar with pumpkins, we will use pumpkins in the examples!
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4 Easy Tips for Equality and Equations

4 Tips for Equations
Do your students understand the equals sign and equations? Many students struggle with understanding the concept of equality. However, equality is a foundation for algebra. In this article, we'll explore tips and tricks to help your students conquer the equals sign, avoid common misconceptions, and take equations to the next level. 
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Pi Day Fun! Ideas for Primary, Intermediate, & Middle Grades

Pi Day Activities

Here are some fun and easy ideas for Pi Day. 

  • Jokes
  • Contest for Memorizing Digits
  • Primary Grades: Tracing Activity
  • Intermediate Grades: Measuring Activity
  • Middle Grades: Using Perimeter to Estimate Pi

Pi Day Jokes 

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Valentine's Day Math Activity: Heart Puzzle

Heart Puzzle

Fun Heart Puzzle Activity

By combining basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares in various ways, students can create more complex shapes. For example, two identical right triangles can be combined to form a kite shape, a parallelogram, or a rectangle. In this free printable activity, students will make a heart shape and then use the same pieces to make other shapes.
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January Funday: Create Expressions with 2, 0, 2, & 3

5 Concepts
Create Expressions with 2, 0, 2, and 3
Start the new year with a versatile activity that can be modified easily! Have elementary or middle school students write expressions using 2, 0, 2, and 3. Download a FREE worksheet with instructions and a table for values up to 23. This activity can help students review 5 key concepts.

1. Adding or Multiplying with Zero
2. Order of Operations
3. Using Exponents
4. Expressions with Parentheses
5. Making Organized Lists
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7 Ways to Connect Math to Current Events

7 Ways to Connect Math to Current Events
Current events can be springboards for math questions. 
Was there a significant weather event? Was there an election? Who won a sports game? Did anyone set a record or win a prize? Students are more engaged with math when it is related to a real event or a specific person or group.
The ideas in this post can be adapted for almost any event. We'll take a look 7 general ways to connect an event to math, and look at specific examples and questions.
1. Date or Time of Event
2. Age of a Person Involved
3. Location or Distance
4. Travel Time
5. Attendance or Population
6. Additive Comparison to Related Data
7. Multiplicative Comparison to Related Data
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Why Use Exit Tickets with Math Games?

Exit Ticket Blog
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Be a Math Tutor, Part 4

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Be a Math Tutor, Part 3

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Be a Math Tutor, Part 2

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Be a Math Tutor, Part 1

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Make a Boxy Snowman

Instead of making a snowman from three balls of snow, use bins or boxes instead. Then find the volume.
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