Part 4: Simple Scheduling & Record Keeping 

Using a Planner or Schedule Book
It’s handy to use a weekly planner for your tutoring appointments. The FREE Editable Weekly Tutoring Planner PDF can either be completed on the computer or printed on letter paper and filled out manually. This is available with the FREE Be a Math Tutor Guide.
Planner Header 
FREE Planner PDF 
When you schedule a student’s time, write their name on the schedule along with the lesson number and package size. 
Using the Planner Form 
On the sample above, notice that Andy is scheduled for 3:30 on Monday. He is on the 4th lesson in a package of 12. You may want to include the same information on a notebook sheet in the student's folder as a running list of scheduled lessons and payments. 

To save postage time and billing hassle, simply include payment notes at the bottom of the Tutoring Report form. This avoids the need for separate billing. You may also want to send an email or text message as a reminder a few days before the last prepaid lesson in a package.

Student Progress
Keep a grade-level goals checklist in the student’s folder. After each lesson, mark the dates that goals are attempted or completed. These pages can be copied monthly and sent to parents as an informal progress report.
Free Math Goals Checklist 
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