How can you quickly compare goals across grades? And why is this important?

The BEST Thing About Common Core: These standards require more emphasis on fewer topics each grade compared to previous state standards. Also, previous standards varied widely from state to state, leading to a lack of focus and coherence in textbooks. As a result of Common Core, curriculum and textbooks now have more focus and better progression of topics.

How To Identify Topics and Goals Quickly: Let's use fractions as an example. Take a look at the FREE color-coded poster of Common Core math clusters (topics) with letter-shaped icons for domains. Clusters in the fraction domain are marked with F. Click to view a larger image in a new window.
K-8 Overview Poster
There are grade-level posters that use the same color coding as above. Click to view a larger image of the Grade 4 poster, shown below. On grade-level poster, the Common Core topics are broken down as student-friendly goal statements.
 Grade 4 Poster Preview
Advantages of Comparing Year-to-Year Topics/Goals: By knowing what topics are required in the prior and next years, you can limit the scope of this year's lessons. If a topic should be review, use a game or activity to refresh students' memories. It is more important that students have in-depth understanding of this year's topics than to move on to material that will be covered the next year. Allow time for hands-on activities, games, and applications. Have more fun in math!

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