How can you identify and communicate core math goals for K-8? 

Download a FREE Leaflet of Math Goals (2017-2018) 
If your district's math curriculum is based on Common Core standards, I've done the work for you! Just click on an image below to download the math goals for your grade. You can save the file to your computer or other device for easy reference. Print and fold the first three pages to make a leaflet. NOTE: These have been updated for 2018-2019 and are available on the FREEBIES page.

Kindergarten Goals LeafletGrade 1 Goals LeafletGrade 2 Goals Leaflet

Grade 3 Goals LeafletGrade 4 Goals LeafletGrade 5 Goals Leaflet

Grade 6 Goals LeafletGrade 7 Goals LeafletGrade 8 Goals Leaflet

The Need for Clear, Core Goals
Some Common Core standards are very broad, some are narrow, and some are difficult to understand. Thus, it is helpful to have a set of clear, concise math goals related to the Common Core standards. Here is how I've made the goals clear and manageable. 
  • There are 2 to 9 goals in student-friendly language for each cluster in Common Core. 
  • All goals are organized by domain and numbered sequentially within each cluster. 
  • The Common Core Math Practices are also listed as a clear checklist.
Communicating the Goals Using "I Can" Goals Leaflets
The leaflets are great to hand out at parent conferences or to give to students for their math folders. Students can check off goals as they meet them throughout the year! These reduced images show the leaflet pages for Grade 4.
Grade 4 Leaflet Cover  Grade 4 Goals Page 1 Grade 4 Goals Page 2

Using Related Resources
Additional pages with each leaflet show time-saving resources for that grade level, based on the exact same goals. You can plan and track progress with an Excel Goal Tracker spreadsheet, or review specific goals using fun math games! You can display posters or signs of math goals in your classroom. Many resources are FREE from the K-8 Math Sense online stores. Take a look!

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