Model Relationships

Do your students know how to use drawings and models to solve problems? Models can help kids understand and remember math concepts. That's why models are the emphasis of Math Practice #4 in the Common Core standards. 

Are You Taking Time to Emphasize Models?
I'm a private math tutor and students sometimes bring their homework from school. Here are comments that I've heard from students regarding questions that require drawings.
  • The teacher lets us skip those questions. Drawings take too much time.
  • I already know how to answer this question without making a drawing.
Yes, discussing models in class takes extra time. But using multiple representations including models will help kids remember and apply math concepts. 

An EASY Way to Provide Practice with Models
Have you heard of Multi-Match math games? During fun card games, students must repeatedly match numbers, models, and/or expressions that represent the same value. Groups of kids can work together to review models as they improve their calculation skills. Hundreds of printable card sets for K-8 math are available at online teacher marketplaces. 

Sample Math Cards for Fractions (Grades 4 & 5)
Sample Games with Models

Try FREE Online Games with Models
The following tiles show six of the concentration games that are free on this site. Visit the E-Games page. 

Kindergarten KB12Grade 1 Set 1A35Grade 2 Set 2G15Grade 3 Set 3F13Grade 4 Set 4M17Grade 5 Set 5F26
Play E-Games

Playing an online game with students is also a great way to introduce the printable card sets.  

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