TpT's New Direction
What changes can you expect at the K-8 Math Sense website?   

This website was originally conceived as an online store with my blog. However, teachers have shown an overwhelming preference to purchase through larger online marketplaces for teachers. So, I've decided to discontinue sales at this site but expand resource descriptions with links to the K-8 Math Sense stores on TpT, TeachersNotebook, and a new site, TeachersDojo. And I will continue the blog and add free sample e-resources!

Also, there is great news from TeachersPayTeachers concerning school collaboration. (Click for more information.)
TpT for Schools
TpT is making it easier for teachers to share wish lists with each other and with their curriculum administrator. If you have tried or previewed my games or review packets, you can recommend that the school purchase them. Hundreds of math game card sets are available across elementary and middle grades. I have started posting some of the cards as memory games on this site. Click here to visit the E-Games page.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll visit my online stores and try the e-games. ~ Angie