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What Math do Students Need to Know? Download FREE Goals Leaflets Instantly
These have been recently updated for the 2019-2020 school year! 
Each FREE leaflet requires just three sheets of paper. 
Just fold pages in half with printed side out and assemble. 
Free Leaflet Image (Grade 4)

Click the image for your grade level and save the PDF to your computer or other device. 
To download immediately, right-click if using a PC or Ctrl-click on a Mac. 
The goal numbers in these leaflets match the card set numbers.

Download FREE Resources for Subscribers
These resources require a password from the subscriber newsletter published monthly 
or bi-monthly during the school year. 
To download, right-click the thumbnail image if using a PC or Ctrl-click on a Mac.

July/August Freebies: Printable Card Sets for Grade 1, Grade 3, & Grade 7
Students can play four fun matching games with any card set. 
Composite Two-Dimensional ShapesPerimeter of PolygonsRelating Subtraction of Integers to Addition

September/October Freebies: Printable Card Sets for Grade K, Grade 4, & Grade 6
Addition SentencesMixed Numbers on the Number LineMultiplying Decimals Less than 1

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